How to Get Water Out of Your Phone Speaker on Android

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In this article, we will show you exactly How to Get Water Out of Your Phone Speaker on Android? using very simple and easy methods.

how to get water out of your phone speaker android

Sometimes, you might be drinking a glass of water in hurry, and accidentally you would’ve spilled few drops into the speaker grills, charging port, or even in the earphone jack. And, If you have children around you then this case is even worse.

So, it’s a common issue that somewhere in life you would have dropped the phone into water or made a small amount of contact with it.

Even, if your mobile is IP Water Resistance rated! there will be a few drops still remain in your speaker grills. Don’t worry! and You need not be a phone or mobile technician to fix it.

We have easy solutions for How to remove water from your Android phone’s speaker? and even made it simple, by splitting all these methods into step-by-step procedures that you can follow.

Get Water Out of Phone Speaker on Android

Get Water Out of Phone Speaker on Android

Now a days few mobile phone manufacturers bringing their smartphones with Ingress protection ratings or IP ratings.

If your Android Phone has such ratings, then you should be aware of few things. There are different categories of IP ratings available on market and based on it, the protection level of your phone to withstand within the water might differ.

Example: If your phone comes up with an IP68 rating, which means it has a solid object protection level of 6 (complete protection against the dust, sand, and all types of dirt particles) and also as liquid protection level of 8 (which protects from the water immersion to the depth of more than 1 meter).

So, based on your phone’s ratings you need to be careful with things, before bringing in contact with liquids.

And, the smartphones without any ratings also contain some basic level of protection, and even in few phones, it goes to the next level with an inbuilt “speaker grill protection” feature.

So, without any delay let’s see the solutions for getting water out of phone speaker on Android.

Method 1:

Sound to Get Water Out of Phone Speaker

sound to get water out of phone speaker

In this first method, you will learn How to Get Water Out from Your Phone Speaker on Android? using sound waves. There are many free utility websites available on the web where you can play a specific tone, by which producing very strong sound waves that help in getting water completely out from your speaker’s grill.

Expert Advice: You can't simply play a song or any music sounds to eject water out. It only works with the websites and apps that we are discussing today. Because all of these are producing a very specific frequency of sound waves that helps this work done without making any damages to your speakers.

Of these all utility web pages, we have our Mr. TopBest pick and it is Fix My Speakers. Let’ see the steps to remove water from the Phone’s Speaker on Android using this website.

Step 1: Wipe Your phone

step 1 in sound to get water out of phone speaker

To start with, take a cotton cloth and wipe it all around your wet phone and mostly near the speaker area.

Because the water in the body might again get into your phone with any small movements. So, wiping must be done without any fail.

Step 2: Open from Your Android Browser

step 2 in sound to get water out of phone speaker

After wiping, take your phone and click on any browser apps like Chrome or Google based on your preference.

Make sure, your internet is turned on before proceeding further. Then, in the search or type address bar of your browser in phone enter and open the website.

Step 3: Tap on Eject Water Button

step 3 in sound to get water out of phone speaker

Once you opened this Fix My Speakers website. Then, you should Tap the Eject Water button to activate the blower as shown below.

Don’t get panic! Now, your phone will start playing a specific tone from the speakers and that produces sound waves. Finally, you will start to notice water getting out of your speakers.

Repeat playing this specific tone until all water ejects and the speaker sounds back to its normal in your phone.

Method 2:

Use an App to Remove Water from Phone Speaker

app to remove water from phone speaker

If you don’t want to go with the previous website method, in which you have to access the site each and every time while using it. Then, installing an app on the phone that has similar kind of functions to Fix my speakers would be a great option.

Thankfully, there are several apps on the Google Play Store that has the same or even come up with more functions as an add-on for getting water-out of phone speaker on Android effectively.

So, We have our handpicked list of apps that are currently available in the play store. And also, we make assured that none of the below apps would access your data unnecessarily.

Apps to Get Water Out of Phone Speaker on Android

  • Speaker Cleaner
  • Super Speaker Cleaner
  • Frequency Generator
  • Sonic Sound Wave Generator with all Tones
  • Speaker Tester & Cleaner

These Android apps can really help you to remove all water and any dust particles from your phone’s speaker and also, for the microphone. And, also all of them are free on ‘Google Play Store’.

Steps to Remove Water from Phone’s Speaker on Android

In these, all applications as mentioned above, our Mr. TopBest pick is the ‘Super Speaker Cleaner app’. We will show you the exact step-by-step procedures to fix this issue and also, it as very simple interface than others.

Expert Advice: Make the phone to face down and also, try to make sure that you have removed the phone's case & cover to get the maximum results from this application.

Okay, let us see the steps for removing water from phone’s speaker using this app.

Step 1: Install the App
Step 1 to Remove Water from Phone's Speaker on Android

To start with, open the Google Play Store and install the Super Speaker Cleaner app.

Step 2: Open the Super Speaker Cleaner App
step 2 to remove water from phone's speaker on android

After successful installation, go to your app’s installed section or homepage of your phone to open the app.

Step 3: Select Loudspeaker Option
step 3 to remove water from phone's speaker on android

Now, open the app and you will get two speaker options like Loudspeaker and Earpiece. In this, select the correct option based on your requirements. We would recommend you to try both the options to get it cleaned in both places.

Rightnow, We are selecting the option of the loudspeaker.

Step 4: Choose the Cleaning Mode
step 4 to remove water from phone's speaker on android

Choose the cleaning modes either Mode 1 or Mode 2 and then, check all the boxes.

To give you a clear idea, there are a lot of frequency differences in the sounds played on these modes. Mode 1 produces a lesser frequency than mode 2.

Try, to use both the modes one after the other to completely remove water from phone speakers.

Step 5: Click on Start Cleaning
step 5 to remove water from phone's speaker on android

Finally, click on the start cleaning button as shown below and repeat the cleaning process until your phone’s speaker sounds normal.

Step 6: Clean the Phone Speaker

Once, the app work is done. Try cleaning the water around the phone’s speaker with a soft cloth and then, dry it out completely. and use it normally.

Pro Tip: You can also use this app on any Bluetooth devices that ended up with the same issue.

Method 3:

Shake Your Phone

shake your phone to get water out of phone speaker

In this third method, gently shake your phone to remove water from the speaker’s area. Before doing it you must hold the mobile like facing it down and then, remove the SIM cards, memory cards, and other accessories on your phone.

Please be careful, while shaking the phone because if you do it a little bit harder then it might even damage your smartphone.

Once done, wipe it off with a clean cloth that is dry and soft.

Method 4:

Use Hairdryer

get water out of your phone speaker using a hairdryer

First, turn on your hairdryer and then, switch it to cool settings. Make sure, you are not using the heat or hot settings because higher than this setting would cause permanent damage to the internal parts of your smartphone.

Now, blow it around the areas of your phone’s speaker grill. Be careful, because any miscontact towards the screen will damage it fully and will lead to screen replacement. As the screen is very sensitive to these types of heat.

It is the fastest method that helps you remove the water from the speaker’s areas completely.

Method 5:

Bury it in Rice

using rice to get water out of the phone speaker

Naturally, Rice has the property to absorb water moisture. For this method, you can use any rice available near. First, Turn off your smartphone and then completely bury it under the dry rice that has been filled in a bowl.

After a day or two, the water inside the phone’s speaker will be completely absorbed off without using any direct heat.

Once, you have turned on the phone and if you have faced any muffled sound or crackling issues then try using our app method to remove the left out water from the speaker grills.

How do you get water out of your phone speaker?

For getting water out from your phone’s speaker the first and most important thing that you have to do is to switch off your smartphone without any delay and if possible, remove the battery. Then, place your phone in a position, where the speaker can easily drain out and let it dry at room temperature. After 4 to 6 hours, check whether any water is visible near the phone-speaker area. If yes then repeat the process. If not then keep your phone switched off for a day and after that use it normally.

What happens if water gets in phone speaker?

Once the water gets into the phone’s speaker, all the sound holes will be closed by these liquid drops. So, you will start hearing a muffled sound or in the form of crackling noises. If you forgot to notice it and didn’t get them out then you might even face very serious damage to your phone.

Why is my phone speaker crackling?

The crackling sound comes in the phone’s speaker because there might be a lot of dust or even sometimes water might be left inside that stopped the current flow in specific paths and made this crackling thing happen.

Does Rice help a wet phone?

Yes, Rice will help to dry your phone faster but don’t keep your phone for a long period of time, because it will generate a lot of heat and will damage your mobile’s internal parts and chipsets.

Wrapping Up

To wrap up, these were the five easy and effective ways to remove water from phone’s speaker on Android devices. They will work like a magic by pushing all the water from your android phone. I personally tried them all and it works perfectly fine. If you have faced any issues? Please, comment below!. So, I can get back to you with the exact solution and answer that you need.

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