How to Get Water Out of Your Phone Microphone

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This article will be covering up some of the best solutions for all your queries related to – How to get water out of your phone Microphone ? for iPhone and Android devices and it’s completely FREE!

how to get water out of your phone microphone

Have you accidentally dropped your Phone into the pool (or) Spilled a small amount of liquid on the mobile and feeling guilty? If your phone has survived this water contact, but the sound from the mic is getting muffled and the person on another side can’t hear yours properly? This is because some water may still be nestled inside the microphone.

Don’t worry! Luckily, We are there to get rid of it. These step-by-step solutions discussed will help you to completely remove water from microphone.

What Can You Do If Your Phone Microphone Experienced Water Damage

First, let’s see the few general options that are currently available irrespective of iPhone and Android mobiles.

You have to remove the phone’s body panel and then, take out the microphone grilles. This is the only way to find the actual water damage that happened to your mic. Then, use the hair dryer to completely dry it up and make sure the dryer setting is under cooling.

Expert Advice: If you use the dryer in a hot setting, it might cause permanent damage to your device, so beware of it.

If this method didn’t work, then try placing your phone inside the bowl of rice and keep it aside for a day. Why Rice? because rice has the property to absorb the water and that helps our device to be dried quickly. And, make sure the microphone is accessible by rice so that the moisture can be absorbed easily.

Even, after tying these two methods if you find still find the water damage, then the next big thing that you have to do is to find the exact part that got damaged and replace it with the newer one.

This method will require soldering work, ridiculous right?. You can easily search for the microphone by mentioning your phone exact model on the shopping sites and try replacing it with the newer one.

If you don’t want to take risks and mess up things. It’s always better to approach the nearby mobile repair technician, which can be replaced with a small bit of money and can save your time.

How to Get Water Out of Your Phone Microphone on Android

Your whole world gets frozen when your phone microphone gets spilled by water drops. Don’t get pissed off! You are at the right place to learn how to get water out of your phone microphone on Android mobile devices.

It doesn’t matter that how smart your android phone is but actually, it doesn’t know to swim. So, try to keep your device a bit away from water contact.

Also, try to use a floating waterproof mobile pouch that can be the best way to safeguard your Android phone from water damage while you are near the pool or at the beach.

Now a days lot of smartphones have come up with IP water resistance ratings. But even though the mobile is waterproof, some parts of the device like the microphone and speakers always tend to get liquid damaged. As there’s no big protection at the grilles.

That’s why we gonna look deep into few expert solutions to get rid of water from the microphone on Android mobile devices and rescue it without any serious damage. It will be really helpful for all android freaks and cringeworthy! Just kidding.

To add a point to this we have only handpicked very easy methods that even a non-professional can do and is 100% effective. So, just blindly follow all the solutions without any further hesitation.

Sound to Get Water Out of Microphone

In this method, we will be using the sound frequency to get water out of your mic and also, helps to fix other sound issues in your speaker.

To make it easy, we have picked an awesome application known as Speaker cleaner. It is mainly used for earpiece and speaker issues, but we are going to trick this one and use it for our current purpose of microphone issue.

This application uses a sine wave sound with predefined frequencies to remove water from microphone.

Total Time: 10 minutes

Open the Play Store App

step 1 sound to get water out of microphone

First, unlock your mobile and search for play store application from your installed apps screen and open it.

Install Speaker Cleaner App

Now, in play store – Type and search for the speaker cleaner app and then, install the application.

Then, Open the Application

After the successful installation of this APP, just click on the open button.

Select the Loudspeaker Option

Once opened, you will find two options like Loudspeaker and Earpiece. Now, select the Earpiece option.

Select the Cleaning mode

step 5 sound to get water out of microphone

Then, select the cleaning modes. You will find two mode options over here like mode 1 and mode 2. The major difference between them will be mode 1 sound frequency is lesser and mode 2 sound wave frequency will be higher. So, try to use both of them. First, finish mode 1 and then, go to mode 2. So, select mode 1.

Clean the Phone Microphone

Now, Click on the clean button found at the center to start getting water out of your microphone.

And, don’t forget to place your mobile in the upside-down position.

This app mainly makes the water ejected from the phone’s speaker but, it also helps the nearby microphone grilles to vibrate and due to this, slowly we can see few water drops been coming out from the pinhole.

Repeat the process until all the liquid is completely out of your Android mobile’s inbuilt mic.

Finally, use a microfibre cloth to wipe out the spilled liquids.

How to Get Water Out of iPhone Microphone

All iPhones are very pretty and have good durable technology devices. They can easily withstand all kinds of occasional drops or even a little splash of water without any issues.

However, the microphone is located on the bottom of an iPhone is still fragile. It should be because they work with help of small moving parts been attached. Which makes it obvious and easily prone to damage, while in contact with liquids.

If you are a user of iPhone 10, 11, 12, and more, the worst nightmare will be dropping your mobile in the pool. It makes your microphone into the water-damaged situation.

Don’t get panic! We have few solutions for How to get water out of microphone iPhone 11 and it’s suitable for other models too. Just you need to follow the below procedures, once you are into this case.

Use Compressed Air Duster

A lot of compressed air dusters are available in all online shopping portals, we can use them to get liquids by blowing off from the microphone grilles.

Air dusters are also called compressed air, dusting gas, or canned air. It is used to get a pressurized blast of air to get rid of dust and dirt.

Shake Your Phone

Gently shake your iPhone to get rid of water from your phone microphone grilles. After this wipe it off with the dry cotton or microfibre cloth to remove the water present in the outside grilles. This wave power helps to eject all hidden moisture out of your mic.

Repeat it for few times until it gets completely removed.

Caution: Be careful while you shake, if you do it hard it might even damage your iPhone's internal parts.

Put it in Bag of Rice

Rice is one of the good moisture-absorbing substances. Put the iPhone into the bag full of rice and leave it for a day or two. This helps your mic dry faster.

Then, wipe off the device and check your phone microphone by making few calls to your loved ones and check whether it works fine or not. Mostly, it will work fine.

You can use this method for all electronic devices and gadgets.

iPhone Microphone Repair Cost in Apple Store

If none of these techniques worked. Then, the final place is to visit the apple store and get it repaired/replaced with those professionals.

The Microphone cost may vary depending upon the model of iPhone you use and also depends, whether the damage requiring to repair or needs to be replaced completely. The approximate replacement price will be something around Rs 2500 – Rs 7000 (INR).

All the mechanical problems will be fixed free of cost for any customer if it covers under the iPhone warranty. But, accidental water damages are exceptions, and it’s very rare to be covered under such a warranty.

And if it is tampered with or repaired outside Apple then your phone microphone will be ineligible for getting repaired free of cost in warranty. So, it’s always better to approach the professionals in the apple store instead of the outside technicians.

It’s always better to connect with Apple-certified repairs in India, where you will get professional support and service from trusted experts.

Can water damage a microphone?

Basically, the Microphone in a smartphone is non-waterproof and many of them be water damaged and even by excess moisture & humidity.

How do I get liquid out of my iPhone microphone?

What to do if your iPhone gets wet, and now its microphone sounds are muffled? Check whether any water drops are there inside the mic: Then Place your iPhone, in the position of the microphone faced down and see if any liquid comes out. The port might also be affected by its performance until it’s completely dried out and removed.

Does iPhone have a water eject?

Yes, all iPhones have this option. But, to make it work you have to follow few steps: First Get a shortcut, after that scroll down and click on “Add Untrusted shortcut” from the shortcuts app. Then, go to the shortcuts app and click the shortcut named “water eject”.

What draws water out of a phone?

A bag of dry rice can do it easily. Place the phone inside the airtight container filled with rice and make it stay undisturbed for nearly 24 to 48 hours to draw all moisture out of your phone.

How do you fix a wet microphone?

Use Cotton Buds (Smaller in Size) / Toothbrush and place the mobile upside down and rub the grille of your phone microphone with it and make some gentle shake to fix or remove the dirt completely. If it is not fixed, then try to open the back panel of the mobile and get the microphone part out. Now, clean it and place it back in its position.

Wrapping Up

We hope that some of these solutions worked for you and saved your phone microphone from being water-damaged. So, what method you are going to use? Please comment below and let us know it!. And if, do you want us to cover some other topics? If so, please let us know that as well, we will come back with the right solutions in our upcoming post. We are very curious to hear from you.

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